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<string name="search_hint">Case is insensitive and matches whole string; use a % sign as wildcard (e.g.: "latin%letter r%")</string>
<string name="search_results">search results</string>
<string name="list_too_long">Only %d first results shown</string>
+ <string name="menu_about">About</string>
+ <string name="about_title">About Unicode Map</string>
+ <string name="about_text">Unicode Map version 0.0.1\nby David
+ A. Madore\n\n(Unfinished and Unstable!)\n\nThe code for this
+ program is in the Public Domain; data is by the Unicode
+ consortium.\nNote 1: Android displays most characters as
+ rectangles, but you can still paste them correctly (e.g., in web
+ forms).\nNote 2: Yes, CJK ideographs are missing.</string>
+ <string name="ok_button">OK</string>