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* Add a very hastily written "about".David A. Madore2010-04-271-0/+18
* Change title to reflect what is being displayed.David A. Madore2010-04-271-3/+18
* Clean up saving of view history.David A. Madore2010-04-271-32/+53
* Implement a search mechanism.David A. Madore2010-04-272-5/+116
* Range details similar to character details.David A. Madore2010-04-272-6/+22
* Show character details on long click.David A. Madore2010-04-272-27/+103
* Remember position in list when returning.David A. Madore2010-04-261-9/+21
| | | | Phew! Finding how to do this was far from obvious!
* Reuse constant strings for UnicodeCharacter labels and whatnots.David A. Madore2010-04-261-10/+22
* Move certain constant strings to resources.David A. Madore2010-04-261-6/+7
* Restructure deeply: now we have a single activity, with a dedicated adapter.David A. Madore2010-04-265-369/+345
| | | | | | | | The UnicodeArrayAdapter displays a list of UnicodeDisplayable, which can be either UnicodeCharacter or UnicodeCharacter.Range, and provides appropriate views for either one. Rather than changing activity, we change the ListAdapter. To simulate an activity stack, we capture the back key.
* List layout: display characters differently from their labels.David A. Madore2010-04-253-3/+88
| | | | | This is done by making UnicodeCharacter implement Map<String,String> so as to use it in a SimpleAdapter, but really, this is ugly.
* Start using a non-trivial layout. So far, doesn't do much.David A. Madore2010-04-252-4/+13
* Full repertoire of Unicode blocks.David A. Madore2010-04-251-1/+167
* Fix various brokennesses. Populate database only when necessary.David A. Madore2010-04-252-35/+60
| | | | | | I had forgotten to call db.setTransactionSuccessful() (but had failed to notice that because the database was already populated by my previous test).
* Repair progress bar. Use a transaction for populating db.David A. Madore2010-04-252-3/+8
| | | | | | | Default max for progress bar is not 10000 contrary to what doc says. SQLite is excruciatingly slow in the absence of transactions, so we use one.
* Use a separate thread for populating database. Still doesn't work.David A. Madore2010-04-252-23/+54
| | | | | I don't understand the point of this whole rigmarole, nor do I understand why it doesn't work... :-(
* Full Unicode database. But progress bar does not work.David A. Madore2010-04-242-39/+66
| | | | | | The Unicode database should be populated from the assets by calling .populate() on it: this works but, for some reason, the progress bar does not appear.
* Create a two-tiered menu system.David A. Madore2010-04-242-16/+81
| | | | | UnicodeMapActivity is the root activity, which launches UnicodeListActivity for the desired range.
* Make categories into an enum. Show only printable characters.David A. Madore2010-04-242-7/+90
* Store data in a SQLite database.David A. Madore2010-04-233-29/+184
* Start a very primitive unicode character map.David A. Madore2010-04-222-0/+99