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* Fix/clarification in answer to an exercise.David A. Madore2017-01-301-1/+2
* An exercise on finite automata.David A. Madore2017-01-274-0/+251
* Another exercise on computability (decidable iff range of an increasing compu...David A. Madore2017-01-271-0/+60
* Another exercice on decidability.David A. Madore2017-01-271-2/+69
* Busy beaver function.David A. Madore2017-01-271-0/+65
* Union, intersection, concatenation and star of decidable vs. semi-decidable l...David A. Madore2017-01-271-0/+97
* Write a sample exercice on computability.David A. Madore2017-01-271-0/+197
* Yet another minor clarification.David A. Madore2017-01-241-7/+8
* Un-French-ify another identifier.David A. Madore2017-01-242-6/+6
* Try to further clarify the use of metacharacters in the "extended" grammar.David A. Madore2017-01-241-7/+10
* Merge branch 'master' of A. Madore2017-01-242-86/+118
| * Fix excessive search-and-replace.David A. Madore2017-01-241-3/+3
| * Additional explanations, including one on why implementing optional power use...David A. Madore2017-01-241-4/+24
| * Unary minus must work before parentheses.David A. Madore2017-01-241-1/+1
| * Systematically use English names for nonterminals; also replace "unary" by "f...David A. Madore2017-01-242-66/+66
| * Briefly discuss "extended" grammar + various small changes (thanks, Antoine).David A. Madore2017-01-241-24/+36
* | Move notes on computability to main text.David A. Madore2017-01-232-605/+573
* | Update on the dangling else problem (short summary).David A. Madore2017-01-231-2/+9
* Proposed answers to handout on JavaCC.David A. Madore2017-01-231-14/+209
* Copy practice handout on JavaCC from last year.David A. Madore2017-01-233-0/+342
* Typo/thinko.David A. Madore2017-01-171-1/+1
* Fix mistaken exercise/solution on the "dangling else" problem.David A. Madore2017-01-171-32/+17
* Provide a short (and very hastily written) summary of the LL/LR approach.David A. Madore2017-01-161-2/+20
* Provide a short (and very hastily written) argument for the decidability of a...David A. Madore2017-01-161-0/+34
* Various small mistakes (thanks, Olivier).David A. Madore2017-01-161-4/+4
* Start writing some general stuff about analysis of CFLs.David A. Madore2017-01-151-0/+74
* Explain how to work around the dangling else problem at the programmer and at...David A. Madore2017-01-131-4/+76
* Continue writing about the dangling else ambiguity.David A. Madore2017-01-123-1/+171
* Start writing a new exercise on the "dangling else" problem.David A. Madore2017-01-122-0/+145
* An algebraic language whose complement is not algebraic (the language of non-...David A. Madore2017-01-121-13/+114
* An exercise applying the pumping lemma for algebraic languages.David A. Madore2017-01-121-0/+148
* The intersection of an algebraic and a rational language is algebraic.David A. Madore2017-01-101-0/+3
* Add two figures (parse tree) forgotten from commit 029a75c.David A. Madore2017-01-102-0/+36
* Add warning about work in progress.David A. Madore2017-01-101-0/+12
* Intersection of algebraic and rational languages.David A. Madore2017-01-101-0/+38
* Pumping lemma for algebraic languages.David A. Madore2017-01-101-1/+42
* More about ambiguity.David A. Madore2017-01-101-26/+191
* Fix thinko (thanks, Antoine!).David A. Madore2017-01-061-1/+1
* Briefly mention more general grammars. Start writing about ambiguity.David A. Madore2017-01-031-3/+28
* Parse trees versus derivations; left and right derivations.David A. Madore2017-01-031-16/+98
* Start discussing parse trees.David A. Madore2017-01-022-2/+147
* Various examples of CFGs (not necessarily interesting).David A. Madore2017-01-021-2/+136
* Another example of CFG (too complicated?).David A. Madore2017-01-021-0/+44
* Concatenation, union and star of CFLs.David A. Madore2017-01-021-20/+108
* Standardize spelling of "hors contexte".David A. Madore2017-01-021-6/+6
* Rational languages are algebraic; regular grammars.David A. Madore2017-01-021-6/+55
* Context-free grammars and languages: definition and example.David A. Madore2017-01-021-12/+165
* Typo (thanks, Antoine).David A. Madore2016-12-281-1/+1
* More minor clarifications / corrections.David A. Madore2016-12-132-4/+4
* Clarifications following students' remarks/questions.David A. Madore2016-12-131-3/+5