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* Take into account Antoine's remarks, rework the end of the third exercise.David A. Madore2017-02-051-58/+79
* More re-reading and discussion with Bertrand.David A. Madore2017-02-051-12/+16
* Re-read exam.David A. Madore2017-02-051-53/+75
* Rework and write solution to third exercise.David A. Madore2017-02-051-8/+109
* Write another exercise (without answers).David A. Madore2017-02-051-0/+38
* Add an exercise on computability.David A. Madore2017-02-051-0/+131
* Offer additional question to allow checking for mistakes.David A. Madore2017-02-051-4/+15
* Typographic frill.David A. Madore2017-02-051-4/+4
* More working with automaton.David A. Madore2017-02-051-13/+170
* Start writing an exercise on finite automata.David A. Madore2017-02-051-0/+126
* Exam template.David A. Madore2017-02-051-0/+113