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-* Don't pollute memory by endlessly saving results of all previous
- searches: redo them if necessary.
-* Resist screen configuration changes by implementing
- onRetainNonConfigurationInstance() and
- getLastNonConfigurationInstance(). (This is tied to the previous
- item: properly store searches rather than storing the adapters
- holding their results.)
* Display information of character block and general category.
* Provide a way to access (or search) a character directly by number.
-* Do something about Chinese ideographs.
* Provide a way to repopulate database if desired.
* Implement a list of "favorite" Unicode characters?
* Comment the code!...
+* Fix the bug that cancelling the textFilter returns to an incorrect
+ position (hard: this seems to be a bug in the way ArrayAdapter and
+ ListView talk to each other).