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* Add a very hastily written "about".David A. Madore2010-04-271-0/+18
* Change title to reflect what is being displayed.David A. Madore2010-04-271-3/+18
* Clean up saving of view history.David A. Madore2010-04-271-32/+53
* Implement a search mechanism.David A. Madore2010-04-272-5/+116
* Range details similar to character details.David A. Madore2010-04-272-6/+22
* Show character details on long click.David A. Madore2010-04-272-27/+103
* Remember position in list when returning.David A. Madore2010-04-261-9/+21
* Reuse constant strings for UnicodeCharacter labels and whatnots.David A. Madore2010-04-261-10/+22
* Move certain constant strings to resources.David A. Madore2010-04-261-6/+7
* Restructure deeply: now we have a single activity, with a dedicated adapter.David A. Madore2010-04-265-369/+345
* List layout: display characters differently from their labels.David A. Madore2010-04-253-3/+88
* Start using a non-trivial layout. So far, doesn't do much.David A. Madore2010-04-252-4/+13
* Full repertoire of Unicode blocks.David A. Madore2010-04-251-1/+167
* Fix various brokennesses. Populate database only when necessary.David A. Madore2010-04-252-35/+60
* Repair progress bar. Use a transaction for populating db.David A. Madore2010-04-252-3/+8
* Use a separate thread for populating database. Still doesn't work.David A. Madore2010-04-252-23/+54
* Full Unicode database. But progress bar does not work.David A. Madore2010-04-242-39/+66
* Create a two-tiered menu system.David A. Madore2010-04-242-16/+81
* Make categories into an enum. Show only printable characters.David A. Madore2010-04-242-7/+90
* Store data in a SQLite database.David A. Madore2010-04-233-29/+184
* Start a very primitive unicode character map.David A. Madore2010-04-222-0/+99