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* Cancel timeout to avoid stupid race condition.HEADmasterDavid A. Madore2010-02-221-0/+1
* Allow running the client with no key (generating no HMAC), for PING and DATE.David A. Madore2010-02-221-3/+3
* Check recv() return value.David A. Madore2010-02-161-2/+5
* Rewrap long lines.David A. Madore2010-02-161-2/+4
* Work against the dreadful habit of concatenatingallmywords in identifiers.David A. Madore2010-02-161-7/+7
* Various stylistic improvements suggested by Max (such as using the // op).David A. Madore2010-02-151-16/+4
* Initial creation of the emergency daemon, and a stupid client.David A. Madore2010-02-151-0/+96