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| * An exercise on the curve y^2 = x^5 - 1.David A. Madore2016-04-171-0/+102
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| * New exercise for exam: Tsen's theorem.David A. Madore2016-04-171-5/+253
| * Simplify exam questions slightly (remove useless definition).David A. Madore2016-04-171-16/+11
| * First exercise of exam.David A. Madore2016-04-171-4/+141
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* | Write an erratum for a flawed argument.upload-20160419David A. Madore2016-04-192-18/+196
* Give slightly more details on some exercise questions.David A. Madore2016-04-171-3/+6
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* Add a footnote about the procedure just described.David A. Madore2016-04-151-4/+8
* Fix incorrect (or incomplete) reasoning about places over regular points.David A. Madore2016-04-151-21/+60
* Yet more on the exercise.David A. Madore2016-04-141-0/+28
* Continue (finish?) the exercise on the generic elliptic curve.David A. Madore2016-04-141-15/+108
* Continue exercise.David A. Madore2016-04-141-58/+121
* Continue exercise (answers).David A. Madore2016-04-141-8/+66
* Add anchor for cross-referencing.David A. Madore2016-04-141-1/+1
* Add external references to lecture notes in exercise.David A. Madore2016-04-141-37/+49
* More questions (answers not yet written).David A. Madore2016-04-141-5/+37
* Continue exercise.David A. Madore2016-04-131-15/+108
* More about the valuation at infinity in the exercise.David A. Madore2016-04-131-26/+142
* Start writing an exercise on algebraic curves.David A. Madore2016-04-131-0/+205
* Synchronize preamble.David A. Madore2016-04-131-1/+12
* Various typos (thanks, "Pjetri").David A. Madore2016-04-131-8/+8
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* Various additions or clarifications after course on 2016-04-11.upload-20160411David A. Madore2016-04-111-21/+35
* Try to clarify correspondence between points and places.upload-20160410David A. Madore2016-04-101-57/+145
* Connections between places and points (unfinished).David A. Madore2016-04-101-4/+34
* Obtaining points from places.David A. Madore2016-04-101-0/+83
* Coverings of curves (very basic facts).David A. Madore2016-04-101-14/+205
* Provide at least some references for statements with missing proofs.David A. Madore2016-04-101-16/+54
* The Riemann-Roch theorem.David A. Madore2016-04-101-3/+102
* Reread and hopefully improve various bits.upload-20160409David A. Madore2016-04-101-83/+105
* Continue fixing the mess about differentials.David A. Madore2016-04-091-55/+70
* Start reworking the section on differentials (various mistakes still to be fi...David A. Madore2016-04-091-82/+132
* Orders of differentials.David A. Madore2016-04-091-23/+174
* Further modification made necessary by previous edit.David A. Madore2016-04-091-2/+2
* Fix mistake in old notes.David A. Madore2016-04-091-2/+4
* Discuss (not necessarily algebraic) separable field extensions in a hopefully...David A. Madore2016-04-091-26/+84
* More small clarifications.David A. Madore2016-04-091-9/+19
* Start writing about Kähler differentials.upload-20160408David A. Madore2016-04-091-7/+95
* Introduce alternative notation "ord" for valuations.David A. Madore2016-04-081-14/+18
* Riemann-Roch spaces.David A. Madore2016-04-081-7/+95
* Record more precise statement proved in a lemma, for future use.David A. Madore2016-04-081-3/+9
* Picard group of the projective line.David A. Madore2016-04-081-9/+90