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* Take into account Antoine's remarks, but they may be too late.exam-20190205David A. Madore2019-02-031-26/+31
* Take into account Olivier's remarks on exam.David A. Madore2019-02-011-20/+25
* Prepare for printing.David A. Madore2019-01-311-11/+11
* Cursory proofreading.David A. Madore2019-01-311-7/+12
* Missing words (thanks, Michaël).David A. Madore2019-01-291-2/+2
* Write answers to exercise on CFGs.David A. Madore2019-01-281-8/+204
* Add an intermediate question to make exercise easier.David A. Madore2019-01-241-20/+25
* Add an exercise on CFGs.David A. Madore2019-01-241-1/+78
* Answers to exercise about computability.David A. Madore2019-01-231-0/+23
* Adopt convention of underlining the epsilon symbol in regexps.David A. Madore2019-01-231-10/+10
* A very silly exercise on computability.David A. Madore2019-01-231-0/+28
* Start writing exam: exercise on finite automata.David A. Madore2019-01-231-0/+372