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* Various additional remarks on regular expressions.David A. Madore2016-11-251-33/+52
* Use "denote" for the relation between a regular expression and a language.David A. Madore2016-11-251-28/+36
* Rational languages are recognizable.David A. Madore2016-11-251-29/+148
* Stability of recognizable languages under boolean operations and mirror.David A. Madore2016-11-251-10/+140
* NFAs with spontaneous transitions: equivalence.David A. Madore2016-11-251-9/+109
* Define ε-closure.David A. Madore2016-11-231-2/+12
* NFAs with spontaneous transitions.David A. Madore2016-11-231-12/+127
* NFAs and determinization of them.David A. Madore2016-11-231-15/+257
* Trimming of incomplete DFAs.David A. Madore2016-11-231-8/+31
* Incomplete DFAs. Change formating of self-loops in graphs.David A. Madore2016-11-231-35/+198
* Accessible and inaccessible states.David A. Madore2016-11-231-11/+60
* More on DFAs.David A. Madore2016-11-231-28/+118
* Start defining DFAs, and give a first example (typeset with dot2tex + TikZ).David A. Madore2016-11-141-9/+90
* More clarifications on rational languages and expressions.David A. Madore2016-11-141-8/+28
* Mirror (=transpose) word, palindromes.David A. Madore2016-11-091-0/+12
* Rational languages and rational expressions.David A. Madore2016-11-091-0/+127
* Clarifications on Kleene's star, and the empty word.David A. Madore2016-11-081-8/+37
* More about languages.David A. Madore2016-11-071-4/+106
* Languages (start).David A. Madore2016-11-071-5/+66
* Concatenation, prefixes, suffixes, factors and subwords.David A. Madore2016-11-071-0/+126
* Start writing course notes.David A. Madore2016-11-071-0/+198