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2014-11-05Write solution of test.HEADmasterDavid A. Madore1-3/+148
2014-11-05Possible test for 2014.David A. Madore1-0/+168
2014-09-28Move workout file and give it a proper title.David A. Madore1-0/+4
2014-09-28Schedule for 2014.David A. Madore1-0/+93
2013-11-21Very small changes.David A. Madore1-2/+2
2013-11-21Exam answers.David A. Madore1-1/+165
2013-11-21Candidate exam for 2013-11-26.David A. Madore1-0/+142
2013-11-05Various clarifications and rewritings.David A. Madore1-49/+143
2013-11-05Two more very small changes.David A. Madore1-3/+3
2013-11-05Typo.David A. Madore1-1/+1