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* A discussion of surreal numbers.upload-20160412David A. Madore2016-04-121-12/+131
* Introduce surreal numbers.David A. Madore2016-04-111-8/+76
* Connection between the "sign" of a partizan game and the "signs" of its options.David A. Madore2016-04-111-2/+50
* More about partizan games.upload-20160411David A. Madore2016-04-111-14/+335
* Various additions or clarifications after course on 2016-04-11.David A. Madore2016-04-111-7/+17
* Full determination of Nash equilibria in the simple game of an exercise.upload-20160407David A. Madore2016-04-071-38/+136
* An exercise on games in normal form.David A. Madore2016-04-061-2/+154
* A (long) exercise on the determination of Gale-Stewart-like games defined by ...David A. Madore2016-04-051-1/+340
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* Another remark on the Grundy function.David A. Madore2016-03-231-0/+18
* Nim sum is XOR.David A. Madore2016-03-231-9/+123
* Nim sum of ordinals and games.David A. Madore2016-03-231-5/+238
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